App Spotlight: Phone System

How does your business manage phone calls?

Every business makes and receives phone calls. But, have you ever thought about how you can leverage calls to your advantage?

Meet the Platform Phone System.

Let’s see how this phone system differs from your every day phone line, and how it can improve your business.

Here’s a standard business use case for a phone line:

Jim is a sales representative at XYZ company. He answers the phone, asks the customer for their phone number, name, or address and looks up their profile. That’s great, XYZ is using the Know Platform to store customer information. But, can we take it one step further?

With the integrated phone system our customer is routed based on extensions to the correct department. Now, Jim no longer needs to ask for the customer’s information. In fact, their profile is already opened on his screen when he answers the call. Jim can easily review their recent orders and activity. He saw they spoke to another employee about a problem last time, and transfers the call with ease. In fact, Jim did all this from his iPad.

This is just one way the Know Platform helps businesses. Check out a full list of features here.